When the Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in Concordia in 1884, one of their first tasks was to build a Motherhouse, which would serve as their convent and as an “academy” for students of all faiths.​

As towns sprung up across the frontier, the Sisters followed providing whatever needs arose. Hospitals, schools, orphanages, and homes for the elderly were their main focuses.

The original Motherhouse was next to the Catholic Church, at the corner of Fifth and Olive streets in what is now the Manna House of Prayer. But the congregation was quickly outgrowing that building, and Mother Superior Stanislaus Leary purchased land on the south edge of Concordia for a larger convent and academy. The cornerstone for what would be a massive five-story brick and native stone building was laid in 1902, and the congregation moved to the new Nazareth Convent and Academy at 1300 Washington St. just 13 months later.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.​

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia are drawn to missions of mercy, social justice and human rights, working for change in the world wherever cries for love, help and mercy may beckon. There are about 125 Sisters of St. Joseph serving in 11 of the United States and in Brazil. Here in Concordia you will find them helping throughout the community in many different ways. Manna House of Prayer hosts classes and retreats throughout the year and Neighbor to Neighbor provides a place for women to make friends, learn new skills, bring their children for enrichment activities, and find assistance needed. For all of its history, the landmark red building has been the spiritual home for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. All of the Sisters of St. Joseph, from their many missions, try to “come home” at least twice a year for community gatherings called “assemblies.”​

Today, the Nazareth Convent is home to more than 30 Sisters of St. Joseph who have retired from active ministry. It also houses a nursing facility, administrative offices, and hosts a variety of public events throughout the year, including an annual spaghetti dinner, a family fun day, and the annual plant sale, all community favorites!


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